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Being Luxury Real Estate Agent & How Video Marketing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Being Luxury Real Estate Agent & How Video Marketing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Learn how to improve your bottom line with video marketing in this podcast.

In this podcast, you will learn about the basics of video marketing and how it can help you sell more real estate. You will also hear case studies from luxury real estate agents who have successfully used video marketing to increase their sales.

By the end of this podcast, you will know how to use video marketing to sell more real estate and grow your business. You will also have the tools and resources you need to get started immediately.

Listen to this podcast now and learn how to use video marketing to improve your bottom line!

Host: Jerome Lewis

Guest: Nick Kyte

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All right. Welcome to the remarketing podcast. My name is Jerome Lewis. I'm your host for today. I'm gonna tell you a little bit about how our structure works. The way it works is we are here and we want to talk about marketing tech and business leadership. We are four real estate agents, real estate investors and real estate entrepreneurs.

We have two purposes. One, this is for you, Nick, to spotlight you, your business, your service, or your product in a way that provides value to you, including market exposure and content creation, and number two, to, to educate and inform our audience and our listeners. All right. So. I'm gonna introduce our speaker today.

I'm excited. I was just telling him a little bit earlier because I'm meeting him, right. This is my first time meeting him. So this is gonna be an exciting podcast here. Here we go. As a top producing real estate agent Nick kit. And team provide global exposure, tailored marketing, and custom strategies, exceptional communication and negotiations.

The kite team specializes in selling and marketing, stunning resonance to connections of qualified domestic and international realtors and buyers, a network of high network worth individuals and, and luck. In an active luxury community. Staying current in an ever-changing field is critical. Therefore Nick embraces continuing education by certifying with the Institute for luxury home marketing, Coldwell banking, Coldwell banker global luxury and smart home certifications.

th year for, for:

So we're, uh, we're, we're always expanding and, and learning new techniques and whatnot, and just excited to be here and, uh, and, uh, have a little chat today. The wonderful world of real estate. I'm excited too, man. So I I'm first meeting you and I attribute this right. A lot of people have avers of technology, but this is all because of technology.

So I just wanna throw this out there, man. I'm excited. Um, I I've been researching you checking out your site, you got a lot of great stuff going on, man. So. I wanna jump into the questions. Thank you. Yep. And the first question we have for you, what is a comment myth about your field of expertise? So I wanna shape that question into, let's be more specific, right?

Since I, like, I know real estate, I come from the real estate investing space. So I wanna know specifically about your niche, like luxury marketing. So that question is I want to exit. What is a common myth about your field of expertise? So let's talk about luxury, the luxury market in real estate.

Absolutely. I, I, I think that, uh, a lot of people think it's easy. You know, the, the larger, the home, the bigger, the price tag, uh, the easier it is to, to sell. And that's just not the case. Uh, each, each domestic is, is local and, uh, has. Pros and cons just like anything. Um, so I, I, I feel that definitely, um, a common myth would be that it is easy to sell luxury real estate.

And another point, uh, as an add on would be that, uh, that realtors in, in the luxury market, um, you know, keep, keep every, uh, commission that they receive, uh, which is also not the case. It's, it's a very expensive business to be in. um, just like anything else. And when it's run accordingly, there are many facets of expenses that, uh, that you, you pay and, and incorporated.

And so I would say that, uh, being smart with your money, um, is essential, not just in the luxury category, but in all businesses in, in, within the luxury space. Is there, like, if there is one thing, is there one thing that jumps out to you specifically that you really love about this niche? Absolutely. I, I think it's the storytelling, um, allowing buyers to, uh, who, who may not even be in the same state province or country, uh, to experience not only the residents that we're selling, but also the type of lifestyle that they can enjoy.

Uh, through our video marketing, I feel is a really, really unique touch to what we do and something that I just. Um, cuz each home, uh, is, is unique in itself and believes, uh, I believe that when we're marketing it, it needs to have its own story. Absolutely. I agree. 100%. And one thing you mentioned that I'm gonna harp on because I'm always talking about this, you know, in presentations and my own business is you talk about video marketing.

So my question to you around video marketing is. I know the answer, but I just wanna hear your perspective. If we did not have video marketing these days, do you think your job would be harder, easier? What's your perspective? I just wanna hear some perspective about the effectiveness of video marketing.

So 100% would be much harder. Um, I, I believe that video marketing is essential and anyone who's not doing it is doing a disservice to their clients. Um, the reality is, is that, um, everything is online. So, um, having a video. Uh, of any sort, uh, no matter the quality or, or, or way it's PR produced, uh, I think is essential.

Uh, so, um, what we do, uh, at the kit team and for our, our luxury properties is we take it to a whole nother level and we really do, uh, customization of, of each of the properties that we sell. And that's something that, that, that we actually. Doing is coming up with that storyline and, and getting that out, uh, on a global platform.

And I can tell you that, uh, the, the feedback, as well as, um, buyers that we've brought in, um, specifically always reference, uh, are online video marketing, um, as one of the reasons they saw the listing and, and, and wanted to see it further and ask questions about it. I think a hundred percent, uh, if it's, if you're not in the video marketing realm right now, get on it.

Absolutely. 100%. So. Video marketing. I, I just love video marketing so much. Right. And, uh, I never like experienced or dabbled in the luxury stuff. So, uh, I want to ask some more questions around that. And one of the questions that I have is like, I'm always pushing, like video marketing due to video due to video due to video.

And obviously you do like high quality videos. Right? You do excellent videos. And my question, or I wanna get your perspective on, um, like, let's say you weren't in the luxury space. Do you think that. Video would be overkilled. Do you think that it's still essential or what's your perspective? If it wasn't like luxury marketing around video?

I, I, I believe, I believe that everyone should have a luxury style of marketing. And so I think luxury is a mindset and, um, the clients I deal with, I deal with all different types of housing and whatnot, and bringing that tailored strategy to each those homes to showcase it in the proper. Is essential and it's not just in a luxury category.

Okay. Appreciate that. I, I, I think so too. Do you think that there is ever a point where video can be overkill on in, in terms of marketing our property? Um, I, I would say that, um, let, let's say that the, the interior of the home, um, uh, is, is, is really hor horrendous to look at, or there are, uh, foreclosed property that, that there could have been hoarders or, or whatnot.

So there, I, I think that there is, is a time and place where maybe it would be overkill or. Do dis justice to the, the, the listing, but I would say 99% of the time that no matter what type of property it is, no matter where, um, having a, a video, uh, video marketing campaign is, is definitely something, uh, that should be on the radar of the realtors.

And it should be on the radar of the sellers when they're doing they're interviewing to see who is the best fit for selling and representing their. I agree a lot because, um, and it's also not just about marketing. It's also about communication too. Right? We can say, and do so much with video versus writing or, you know, just a photo there's so much more you can accomplish and achieve when you implement video.

So now I wanna get onto the, uh, next question that I have for you and it's, uh, it's around. So what's the most important lesson you've learned over your career in a luxury space. Um, so what I would say is that not all, uh, friends and family will use your services. Um, and that is something that probably for a lot of people, uh, is, is really tough, um, initially, and can be a big blow to the ego and emotions and whatnot.

Um, but I can say that, uh, it does happen. And so preparing for that, um, is definitely so. Um, that sometimes it comes at a left field other times. Um, it's just presented in that manner. Um, and it's something that's part of the business and that you have to really have thick skin. Um, no matter if it's, uh, no matter if it's a luxury property or not, um, as well in different businesses.

Uh, but definitely I would say. Um, that is, that is definitely a lesson learned and something that I do pass down to, um, other agents and whatnot, um, about getting into real estate or, or just, uh, in, in casual conversation. Thank you. I appreciate that. And I literally just shared. A video talking about that.

Like not friends and not all friends, friends, and family will support you. And it's something that you have to, you know, kind of veer through. So in your perspective, like what's a good way to kind of get over that they won't use you in your business. Uh, well, I think first is you focus on the people who, who value and respect you and your services.

Um, and also, uh, you just never know in this, in, in, in real estate, um, where's people where people's perspective is coming from, and you know what, um, sometimes I've seen where, where, um, clients have gone, uh, a different route. Um, however it wasn't successful and they have returned, uh, or engaged our services.

Um, and then we were successful in, in representing them and, and, and selling their house or helping them find a property. So, um, I don't ever burn bridges, um, because you just don't know, uh, in the future, uh, where that path could lead right back to you. And so I've, I've, I've had, I think a client who now is my client.

Used five different realtors, uh, before I was engaged to sell the, to sell the house and, and we did sell and now they are, are repeat clients. Uh, but prior to that, um, it, it took over four different. Real estate agents and teams, uh, before, uh, they reached out and engaged our services. So you just never know.

Thank you. Next next question we have is in the luxury space. What's one piece of advice. You'd give someone starting out in your position, not your position for sure. Um, yeah, you know, there's, there's so many, but, uh, one, one thing I think is really good. It would be, you know, remaining humble and, and ground.

Um, I think that, uh, in the, uh, TV aspect and entertainment, you know, we all see the, the million dollar listing shows selling sunset, selling Tampa and, and all these, uh, you know, highly edited, uh, shows to fit into, uh, an hour time slot. Um, and so, um, I think that remaining humble being true to who you, who you are, um, are, are really, really essential, um, in longevity in this business.

Um, and another key thing, um, that a lot of people forget about is. Ensuring that there's money set aside for their taxes. Um, I get a lot of people coming to me and saying, you know, oh my God, I got the commission. I'm gonna spend it on this. I'm gonna spend it on that. Um, but I think the, the, um, the aspects that we've been.

That we grew up with with our parents saying, pay yourself first, um, set aside for a rainy day. Um, I think those are, are, are still very valid in, in any business as well as, uh, luxury real estate. And it's something that I think people do forget. Um, that when the, when the, when the compensation comes to you, um, there's a lot of expenses that are required to be paid, but also you can't forget about your retirement fund as we don't have any, and, you know, uh, your investment streams and whatnot.

So taking care of that, uh, is definitely something, uh, to, to keep on the radar. Thank you, you, so you you've run a team. And I would like to get your perspective on, uh, I just wanna hear you talk a little bit about coaching and mentorship, the importance of that. Absolutely. Um, so here at, uh, Coldwell banker first Ottawa, um, and I can, I can speak to myself is, is it's an open door policy.

So we have a lot of, um, you know, experienced agents, uh, newer agents, um, that, that have a lot of questions and, and wanna wanna, you know, uh, bounce ideas off. And so, uh, I do that all the. Um, and it's something that, that comes natural and something that I think is really important in this business. Um, as there's just so many different avenues and ways of doing things and models and competitors and negotiating, uh, tips, um, that, uh, for, for me, um, it's nice to be able to give back and, and, and really.

Um, assist and help grow, uh, the, the younger agents and also, uh, provide some helpful tips and maybe some information about video marketing and social media, uh, to more experienced agents, um, which is something that I do. Uh, I'm part of, uh, the Bian company, uh, one-on-one coaching, which is, uh, a largest coaching company in north America.

And, and, and every year, uh, we have discussions on. Social media and, and incorporating that into your business. And I just love, um, giving my aspects, uh, about that and, and, and teaching, uh, fellow realtors, um, you know, how easy it really is to get started. It, it is pretty easy. And I want you to go a little bit like deeper.

On the like, coaching, like how could someone learn more if they were interested in getting that coaching or maybe even talking to you, having a conversation on how they could get some video integrated into their business? Absolutely. So, um, I'm, I'm a big believer in, in, in showing. So, um, I have a lot of examples of, of, of what we do from a video marketing aspect, uh, cross various platforms.

So, uh, we start with that and you know, more, uh, more from a coaching perspective, I, I guess, Where it comes from is that, you know, you have to understand where people are at and, and what their needs are. And I feel that, you know, depending on who, who I'm speaking with, um, everyone has different backgrounds, uh, different skill sets.

And I think just understanding, um, where people are strong, but where people can improve, um, is, is really important. And. That that's something that comes with those kind of initial discussions up front, um, and kind of peeling, uh, peeling down the onion. So to say, uh, and, uh, and really getting to know someone in, in your perspective.

I, I like I'm gonna drive a little bit because I like. Coaching. And I like mentorship. And to be honest, like every time I look back at a coach or a mentor that I kind of paid for, or, you know, got through some kind of adding value some way, it's like literally leveled up my life. So I wanna know from you, like, from your perspective, right?

Cuz some people are like Antico anti guru, anti mentorship, and your perspective like can some, not Ken, but. I guess that's, that's the best way that I can ask it though. Like, can you have success without a culture or mentor? Um, I think defining success would be the first question and I think someone can do anything.

Uh, but if, um, you know, an aspect of, of, of any business is you don't know what you don't. And so, um, I, I'm a strong believer in always seeking out, um, mentorship, educational, uh, opportunities, um, reading, um, podcasts. I, I think that no matter, no matter what, what business you're in, I think you can never stop learning.

And I think that's kind of, what's exciting about real estate is that there's just not one way to, to sell a home. or help, um, buyers purchase a home. Um, there's there's many. And I think that, uh, as, as clients, uh, they can see, uh, who. Who and, and what type of model works for them. And I think choice choice is a great thing.

Uh, but absolutely, um, seeking those relationships and, uh, and you know, that value add, I, I think, um, pays itself often spades. Nice. Nice. So still, I, I just love video marketing so much. Right. So still touching on video marketing. I have, like, I have students, I have coaching clients and, um, some people. Like just have this aversion or this resistance to video marketing.

Right. They don't wanna do it. And it sounds so simple to, to like do it right. But it's not so simple if that kind of makes sense. So if you could, like, in your perspective, what's like, how can we get people to do this video marketing that's essential to their business? Like, what's one great tip that you could give.

Is, don't worry about what other people are thinking. Just start try it. And you're gonna notice of where you start and where you end are completely different and just be okay with that. Is it, it's a learning opportunity and, um, don't let fear stop something that could be great, uh, or, or provide, um, a different aspect, uh, of your business.

That, that could be something that is lacking. And could, you could take you to the next. Thank you. Appreciate that. Uh, I wanna ask you a question for me personally. Do you like, like teach any classes or courses around like video, like maybe in a group setting? No, no, I, I, I don't, um, I do, I do concentrate 100% on my real estate business.

And then video marketing obviously is an aspect to that. Uh, but no, I, I, I don't teach, uh, but I do, I do, um, Give, you know, my 2 cents when asked and I love speaking about video marketing, social media marketing, uh, I, I believe it's, it's, it's all, uh, exciting to me and trying new things and seeing what works and what doesn't, um, really, really does, uh, give my business, uh, something that is unique, uh, than to others.

Awesome. Awesome. Next question I have for you at what time of the day do you get your best work? Uh, for me, probably like most people would be in the morning. Um, but also weekends. Uh, I find that I'm, uh, the most engaged and, and ready to tackle the big, the big items, uh, earlier in the morning. Uh, and then once your day starts getting.

Busy with appointments and calls and whatnot. You kind of lose the focus on what's essential. So definitely, uh, focusing on the, the big things in the morning and also, uh, uh, key points throughout the weekend. Okay. So I have like a personal question for you. That's very relevant to the one we just answered.

So what does your morning routine look like? so my morning routine, uh, I normally wake up, uh, around 6:00 AM, uh, at the gym for. Um, a healthy breakfast at eight, uh, kiss my lovely daughter, Adrian, off to school and into the office or engaging in the first appointment by nine. Um, and then, um, depending on the day, that day can go from nine to.


Nice. So we're, we're into the personal question section. Next question that I have for you is how did you meet your significant other slash spouse? So Lisa and I, Lisa's my wife, we, we met at, uh, originally at a mutual friend's barbecue. Um, and then we didn't see each other for about five or so months. And then we re.

We reconnected, uh, at a local gym that we both were working out with. Uh, and we had mutual friends, um, and we started, uh, we started dating, uh, pretty soon after that. Uh, and within a few short months, um, uh, her family was, was going for a special trip, uh, to Italy. And so I decided to surprise and, uh, arrive and.


Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. Next question I have for you. What is your favorite holiday movie and what does that say about you? um, this, this is, this is a tough one. I, I do like quite a few, but I would have to say the original home alone. Um, I, I absolutely, um, watch it countless times myself and with, uh, with my family, um, it never gets old.

Um, I, I think, you know, uh, what it says about about me is I guess, um, very protective of my, uh, my close circle, family and friends, um, you know, uh, whatever needs to get. Uh, we will get it done. I don't, I don't let, uh, fear or people's opinions, uh, hinder that. Um, and I think just, just overall, um, being a good spirit and, uh, doing what's right, uh, I think are, are, are a few things that resonate with me from that movie.

Uh, Thank you. So next, we're going to, uh, we're gonna move on to the closing round. I got three closing questions for you, and I'm probably going to throw some more in there, right. Because I'm excited to get to sure. And meet you. So, first one I have for you is what are three books that you would recommend to the audience?

And why I, uh, again, very difficult. Um, there's, uh, I'd say there's three books that stand out to me. Uh, the first would be Tuesdays with Mor. Okay. Um, by, by Mitch VIN, I believe that the lessons learned from, from that book, um, are simple, uh, yet, uh, I think a lot of people forget, uh, what's important in life.

So I think that's a really good book to, to start with. Um, I do, I do. I I thoroughly enjoy think and grow rich. Um, the author is Napoleon hill. Um, I think that, um, understanding how various types of people have arrived at what they would deem, um, Being successful, um, from all different types of lives, I think is really, really something to, to look at and, and, and it resonates for sure.

Um, and, um, millionaire mindsets, um, which is like basically the, the habits and mindset behind, um, successful millionaires. And again, I think in, in that book, it's just kind of understanding at a different level. Um, You know, uh, setting yourself up with a foundation and, and building on that foundation so that you are, you're not going too far ahead that if something happens, it crumbles back down to the foundation.

So, um, I think those three books jump out, jump out to me as, as, as three that are definitely worthwhile to read. Thank you. I appreciate that. So my next question is for, I normally like to ask this question, but I need to incorporate it into all of my guests. I normally ask this question for people I just meet.

So the question is how can someone bring immediate value to your business? And you must give an answer. I meet if, if someone can bring immediate value to my business. Yes. I guess the first thing right off the bat would be providing a Google review. I think you got, uh, a me. Yeah, I think that's, that's, that's a, that's a great one.

I, when, when someone puts their name to your, your service in business, I think there's, there's nothing more important than that. Thank you. So I'm gonna do that. I love Google reviews as well. I'm gonna take care of you today. I promise. Right? Wow. So I'm gonna give you that. And I also, our audience and our listeners take care of Nick with that Google review.

Next question is very similar, but this time it's, how can someone bring long term value to your business? Uh, a referral. Um, I think that either engaging me for, for their own personal, uh, services or someone that they know, um, is, is definitely something that I, I, how I run my business based on referral.

And that is something that is really important to us. And so longevity is, um, as long as the clients and the refers feel that we have their best interests at heart and are. Are supporting them. Uh, then I feel that that is, is, is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you. So we got two more questions. The next one I have for you.

What's one question you wish I'd asked you and how would you have answered? Um, maybe there's, uh, what is one thing, um, that, uh, Yeah. What is one thing that I do daily? That, that has a huge impact, um, on, on me personally and business wise. And what is. You're gonna laugh, drinking water.

oh, that's I think, uh, I think that it's so simple, but a lot of people forget and I know that, uh, water brings alertness for me. And, um, it's, uh, obviously, uh, very, very healthy to, to drink loads of water and. Though it's simple. Um, I think like most things, a lot of people don't do it or don't do it enough.

And, uh, that would be something that, uh, that I, that I do each day, um, uh, to, to just be better and more alert I, I laugh, but I, I understand it completely. And I'm always finding to get back to drink more water, drink more water, because I understand the importance of it. It sounds like minor, but it, it can.

Major impact on your life like that we don't know about. So, absolutely. See, I got my little bottle right here. see. Yeah, look, look at me. I'm slacking off. I don't have it anywhere, but yeah. So we're gonna get to the final question, right? So the final question I have for you is where can listeners find out more about you online?

Absolutely. So, uh, first off they can go to Nick kite.com. Uh, all the information I is is, is there. And I am on pretty much all social media platforms at Nick J kit. Uh, that's Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Um, and so, uh, you can find me across all those platforms, uh, which are easily accessible through my website, nicki.com.

Thank you, Nick. I really appreciate you. This has been a blast. Do you have any final closing statements before we close out? Absolutely. Well, first of all, uh, thank you so much and it's it. I think it's really important for, for podcasts and, uh, giving people an opportunity. From all different walks of life, different cultures and, and, and, and definitely, uh, different, uh, different countries to be able to provide, uh, you know, some helpful, uh, uh, tips for, for your listeners.

Um, you know, and I think that if someone can take away one thing that, uh, that, that one thing that I said, uh, that I think it's very successful. So I appreciate you the opportunity, uh, on having me. Thank you, Nick. I really appreciate this was exciting. Like I said, it was a blast. I got to meet you. And we did.

I think this was an excellent interview. I would love to have you back. And this time when we come back in the future, I would love to talk about just straight up video marketing. I think the listeners would really appreciate that. So I would be more than welcome to, and that would, that would be exciting for me too.

Thank you, Nick. I appreciate you so much. My pleasure.

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